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What does it cost?


While it doesn't cost anything to join a group.  It does cost to get on set.  You are a  part of production team and your respective team will fund its own film.  

Each member who is selected to work will pay a $500.00 (OJT) fee.  

(Prices may  vary depending on the  type of film being made, budget, and location.)

What you get for that fee:

  • Crew - On-the-job-training (OJT) 
  • Cast - A chance to be in a film
  • Your name in the credits at the end of the film
  • A chance to live your dream

Think of it like this. 

  • Do you pay for school? 
  • Do you pay to send your kids on a field-trip?
  • Do you pay to go to your family reunion?
  • Do you pay for everything else?

Then why would you not pay for a chance to live your dream?

Limited number of positions available:

Because everyone obviously can't work on set.  On the night we open up a film project it is first come first serve.   We will announce how many people we are accepting and  "BOOM" the payment gateway will open.

Good Luck

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