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Welcome to Film Go-To

Welcome to Film Go-To

Welcome to Film Go-ToWelcome to Film Go-ToWelcome to Film Go-To

Welcome to Film Go-To

Welcome to Film Go-To

Welcome to Film Go-ToWelcome to Film Go-ToWelcome to Film Go-To

About our program


Who we are?

This group is where film newbies and seasoned film professionals come together to learn, build relationships, develop and promote film productions. Whether you dream of acting, producing, directing, scriptwriting, editing, designing, becoming a DP, Grip, Gaffer or something of the sort, we are the catalyst for realizing that dream, career, or project. Remember the famous quote, "its not what you know, but who you know" then, join us, make some connections, and make some movies.

"There is power in numbers."


Current cities we are in




ST LOUIS, MO - Coming Soon

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Coming Soon


Films In Progress

 We begin Pre-Production 

August 2019



How it works

Have you dreamed of being in a movie or working on set?

Then Film Go-To is your "Dream Come True." and you've just discovered the easiest way to work in and meet people in the film industry.  

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in meetings, on-set during preproduction, production and postproduction, at film festivals, scholarships, awards, educational programs and more. Not to mention, here’s where you pitch your own ideas and bring your creative genius to the table.  

As a member you will have the opportunity to meet and work with professionals from all over the country. 

Yes,  Film Go-To is film On-the-job training (OJT) so, join today and start leaning while you live your dream.

Join a Group

Find a group near you or join a team in a different city.  

Theres no limit on how many groups you can join.  

You can work on as many films  as you like. 

Meeting Dates and Times


Coming events

Nashville First MeetUp - 1st Meeting - 6/8/19

Houston, TX MeetUp - 1st Meeting - 6/8/19

Oklahoma City MeetUp - 1st Meeting 6/8/19

St. Louis, MO MeetUp - Coming Soon

Birmingham MeetUp - Coming Soon

Dallas, TX MeetUp - Coming Soon

Meeeting Information

Most meetings start online via a an App called "ZOOM."  You can choose to download the App to your phone or use the desktop version.  

Accordingly, after you have been selected as talent or as part of the production crew and have met all the requirements thereof meetings  will be held via the App and at designated locations in your city. 

Contact Us

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We're here for you

Do you have questions or comments about being in or working on our films? Do you have a theater or other venue where we could arrange a meeting or screening? 

Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Film Go-To